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Airolam aspires to create a contemporary living environment and unique products.

Airolam aims to provide consumers with fashionable and user-friendly innovations that fulfill their growing materialistic and spiritual needs, resulting in the assimilation of both the exterior and internal souls of the people.

Airolam upholds the "progressing with times and emphasizing on technology" motto and has set its horizon and goals on entering into the international laminate market.

A 100 crore turnover group is now into laminate industry with a vision to satisfy increasing demand of decorative laminate in various sectors i.e. Office furniture, Home interiors, Shopping malls, Hotel etc.
Airolam limited is located at distance of 70 km. From Ahmedabad. However, with a proper infrastructure and humid less whether condition prevailing in the area, proximity to vendors of major raw material required to manufacture decorative laminate sheet and the waste area of 10  acres of land.
» The Management

The company is professionally managed by a team of highly educated experienced professionals from various field i.e. It industry, Laminate, Ceramic, Packaging & Printing Industries.
» The Manufacturing Facilities
The manufacturing of the products of the company is based on German Technology and it is equipped with a full range of ultra modern and latest machinery. This has been done to take care of the high expectations of the customers in the Indian and Overseas markets. The company will be of the markets. Airolam decorative laminates will be manufactured to International standards and will be positioned with the best in the market.
» The Products
Airolam sheets ate made "from 100% imported design paper. 'A' Grade Kraft paper with quality resin, with superior back surface sanding for best adnesion Airolams are highly flexible Airolam will be manufacturing decorative laminated sheets including postform laminates used for surface applications in the furniture industry. Airolam products will find applications in kitchen furniture, workshops, bathroom furniture, interior doors, counter tops and interior wall linings. So be it homes, offices, libraries, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and laboratories, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, food courts, store interiors S airports In addition, Airolam will be manufacturing P re-lam mated Boards, Laminated floorings. Knocked down
» Marketing
The products will be reached to every corner of the domestic market of the country through proper distribution network of dealers and extended to overseas markets by setting up an appropriate network in each country.
» Research & Development
Airolam Ltd believes in an ongoing R&D program which will allow the company to keep a vigilant eye on the market needs, expectations and respond to changes m needs, if any, in quick time. The company will benchmark its product qualities with the best in the industry. The company's R&D will be involved in continuous improvement in the products and in new product development.
» Exports
Decorative Laminated Sheets manufactured in India has been well accepted in many overseas markets due to their superior quality and value for money. Airolam Ltd will be focusing on many such foreign markets to increase its business and to promote our country s image.
» ISO Certification
Airolam Ltd will focus right from the word go, on meeting customers expectations and delighting them with superior quality of products and clinical services.
For this the company is already working on Getting itself certified with ISO:9001 standards.

» Airolam it�
Airolam has all the features of a great laminate. Use it to your advantage. Airolam it for beauty and protection�

  • ISO 9001:2000 certified processes for quality assurance of international standards
  • 100% imported base paper for crystal-clear prints and patterns
  • German Sanding Technology for better sticking laminates
  • Resistance to boiling water allows you to spill scalding hot coffee or tea without worry
  • Resistance to stains reduces anxiety of housewife to ink stains made by children and stains made by coffee mugs, cooking utensils and crockery
  • Termite-proof and therefore, anxiety-proof
  • Feel good that you are conserving trees and the environment when you use our laminate
A breath of fresh air for your interiors…that is Airolam. Welcome to the world of Airolam where un.....
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