Airolam limited is located at a convenient distance of 70 km from Ahmedabad. State –of-the art infrastructure, equipped with a complete range of ultra modern and latest machinery procured from Germany ensures a cutting edge quality with contemporary designs in the products.


 The products are manufactured according to the Global Standards meeting the high expectations of Indian as well as overseas market. Adding to that, dry weather conditions of Ahmedabad, proximity to major vendors of raw material and 10 acres of waste land greatly favours the manufacturing of seasoned laminates. With these advantages, the company looks forward to step in international market with an elan seeking to carve a trustworthy position for itself. The company has an enviable annual production capacity of 1.5 million sheets.


With ISO 9001:2000 certification and German technology, Airolam has the ability to deliver both quantity and quality with a zero-tolerance approach towards errors. Airolam is now fully geared to roll out the near perfect laminate, one which is free of smudges, crinkles, peel-offs and other anomalies.

Airolam believes a good foundation for manufacturing always translates into the character of the products. And Airolam has developed a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Gujarat, which is equipped with all modern machinery. This manufacturing plant is a modern marvel, when it comes to the machinery and systems installed here. From pre-production processes, production and post-production quality control is carried out at this facility in the best manner possible under the watchful eyes of Airolam’s quality control team. The facility has also been developed in line with Airolam’s commitment to being an environmentally conscious company and it has systems in place to minimize its carbon footprint.

Export Network – Airolam’s magic has not been restricted to India, as it has spread its roots to different parts of the globe. Airolam has created an extensive and far-reaching dealer network that makes sure timely delivery to the various countries it caters to. The dealer network has been streamlined to deliver Airolam’s exquisite products in a very safe manner, without damaging its integrity or beauty. At present this dealer network has allowed Airolam to penetrate the markets of 16+ countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, U.S.A., U.K., Kuwait, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Qatar, U.A.E., Syria, Iran, Egypt, Nepal & Vietnam.