Chalk Grade Laminates

These laminates comprise of special kind of decorative paper layers, which after the usual process, are pressed and bonded under heat and pressure into a thermosetting plastic sheet. When this process is done, they are shapely trimmed and their backs are sanded to support surface bonding. Provides a smooth teaching surface in educational institutes, this laminate is easily wipeable and leaves no after marks or chalk ghosts.


Available size: 1220 x 2440 mm

Key Features


Impact resistant

The modified phenolic resin provides good elasticity and therefore gives good resistance against impacts


Moisture Resistant

Water or moisture have zero impact on our surfaces.


Scratch Resistant

No need to worry about sharp objects ruining your surfaces.


Stain Resistant

Airolam laminates come with stain-resistance properties which makes them a suitable choice for areas like kitchens, labs, hospitals, restaurants, and so on.