Synchronized Laminates

Specially designed to synchronize texture with the design, synchronized laminates create unmatched natural appearances. While their embossed surfaces resemble actual tactile textures found on a variety of natural surfaces, they feel as real to the touch as they appear to the eye. These beautiful laminates are ideal for adding a distinct character to any interior design- be it domestic, commercial or even public places.


Available size: 1220 x 2440 mm

Key Feature


IMPACT Resistant

Our surfaces can withstand heavy impacts such as that of hammers.


Moisture Resistant

Water or moisture have zero impact on our surfaces.


Scratch Resistant

No need to worry about sharp objects ruining your surfaces.


Stain Resistant

Airolam laminates come with stain-resistance properties which makes them a suitable choice for areas like kitchens, labs, hospitals, restaurants, and so on.